Our team worked with Virtual Mindset, an Atlanta-based IT consulting company, to produce this app.

Simple to use

ARnatomy is designed to be clean and easy to understand. Users can scan their bodies and learn about human anatomy in real time.


Learning is the name of the game. Whether you’re a high school student studying the bones in the human body for the first time or a biochemical engineering student looking to brush up on facts, ARnatomy can give you a leg up.

designed with students in mind

ARnatomy was designed to help students get more familiar with anatomy and biology, in the classroom or in the dorm room.

teamwork makes the dream work

When a team is this good, you feel it in your bones. We’ve collaborated with Virtual Mindset, Inc. to bring this app to life… figuratively speaking, of course.

A Work In Progress

Want to see our app in action? Check it out here. Want to check it out for yourself? Download the project files here


All of our documents that helped to create what we are today.

Virtual Mindset Inc is an Atlanta based managed IT services provider specializing in app development, infrastructure and network management, and IT-related professional services. VMI has a focus in the higher ed, hospitality, and legal markets and often augments it's client's internal IT teams. The company loves to help clientele achieve their goals and have fun while doing so.


Take a closer look at our amazing team.

Claire Cicero

Copyeditor, Website Co-Developer

Claire is a senior at the the University of Georgia, majoring in journalism with a minor in film studies and the New Media certificate.

Jocelyn James

Lead Designer

Jocelyn is a senior at the University of Georgia, majoring in advertising with a minor in communication studies and the New Media certificate.

Addison Powers

Lead Developer

Addison is a senior computer science major. He has a passion for programming and plans to work as a software developer after graduation.

Chris McKenney

Lead Presenter, Website Co-Developer

Chris is an entertainment and media studies student with a minor in film studies and a certificate in New Media. He lost his mom in the mall, and he’s scared.

Michelle Whetsell

Lead Videographer, Brand Director

Michelle is a senior entertainment and media studies major with a minor in theatre and a certificate in New Media.